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Do SARMs have an expiry date?

Yes, SARMs do expire. All SARMs products sold and distributed by UKSARMs have a shelf life of two years from the date of purchase.

What is the safest SARM?

The safest SARM – or the SARM with the least possible risk – is LGD-4033, mostly because it provides a lot of different benefits to those that take it, and really helps with your performance, all without providing many downsides. The side effects from LGD-4033, compared to most SARMs, are extremely mild. Meanwhile, the results […]

Which SARM is the strongest?

Out of all SARMs, the ones that have the strongest effects would be SARMs like RAD-140. These are considered SARMs with extremely potent effects on the body: enough that they can cause serious issues all on their own if they’re not taken in the right way. SARMs like RAD-140 are so potent that they can […]

What happens if you miss a day of SARMs?

Missing a day of SARMs is no big deal: it happens to people all the time, more than they’d like to admit it. Even to celebrities, big bodybuilders, or super famous people that a normal person might recognize on sight. The reason why it happens so much is simple: you need to remember to take […]

Which SARMs are best for lean muscle?

When it comes to building up lean muscle, you’ll want to build up a lot of muscle while burning a good amount of fat. The best SARMs for this vary, but one good example would be Andarine, also known as MASS (S-4). Andarine has the exact kind of qualities to build up a lot of lean muscle, […]

What are the additional risks of buying medicine online?

Besides the obvious risks, such as tampering, there are a lot of other risks that come with buying medicine or supplements online. Buying products online in general has a small amount of risk to it, as your package could be damaged or lost. Even if you receive the package, the problems don’t end there. Without […]

What are the potential health risks of SARMs?

The main health risks from SARMs revolve around the person’s hormones and their heart, along with a few other factors. But hormonal issues or heart issues/a stroke are the main ‘real’ health risks of SARMs. SARMs are such potent supplements that if you don’t take them correctly, or don’t perform your PCT properly, it’s possible […]

Are SARMs legal to buy?

This is a complicated question to answer.  The legality of a SARM is complex and has gone through a long process, and it still isn’t even completed at this point in time. The crux of the matter is, however, that SARMs are not intended to be consumed, but you can purchase them legally. SARMs are almost […]

What’s the number of Adverse Analytical Findings (AAFs) for SARMs?

The World Anti-Doping Agency has been keeping a close eye on SARMs since they were originally created decades ago. They’re much more modern than steroids and though they function similar, the two drugs are not identical. The World Anti-Doping Agency found its first positive test in 2010. As of 2022, there have been over 230 […]