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yk11 review

YK11 (Alpha) SARMs Review & Results Guide

When researching supplements, an option that inevitably comes up often are SARMs. SARMs are great for bodybuilders and anyone interested in fitness in general: they usually bring great results with few side effects and are affordable and good at what they do.

Most SARMs products have benefits like increased lean muscle mass, increased strength, increased endurance, stronger bones, and a slew of others such as helping the user burn through fat more effectively.

One such SARM you may have come across while researching is YK11 (also known as Alpha) you could’ve also heard about it online or through word of mouth. When it comes to increasing your muscle growth and helping yourself gain a huge amount of muscle in a short period of time, YK11 is nearly unchallenged. It contains a ton of other benefits.

So, let’s look into YK11 here – which we offer here at UKSARMs – and review the kinds of results and effects that taking this supplement has, as well as what the max you can expect to get is. We’ll go over some side tips as well for the best possible outcomes while taking Alpha/YK11.

Let’s dive in and get bulking!

How Effective is YK11? Is It Good for Bodybuilding?

yk11 in body building

When it comes to muscle building supplements, you want to make certain that what you’re taking works and is actually effective at helping you build muscle or increase your strength. The industry is filled to the brim with fake drugs, false products, and plenty of people looking to make money off of you: always with a lack of licenses or an ability to prove the authenticity of their product.

UK SARMs isn’t like that: we’re the biggest SARMs distributor in the UK and we have plenty of different options for a person to be able to choose from. In addition to that, we also have purity certificates should you be concerned about whether or not the SARMs are effective or healthy.

On the topic of YK11 and its effectiveness, it’s one of the most effective SARMs there is when it comes to bulking muscle at a fast pace without stopping. It assists by helping you pack on lean pound after lean pound, with very few drawbacks or side effects.

We’ve covered steroids vs SARMs in detail previously, and YK11 could best be described as a steroid-SARM hybrid, giving the best of both worlds for body building enthusiasts, with very few of the potential downsides.

Some people have ended a six week cycle on SARMs with as much as eleven pounds of lean muscle added on during that time. YK11 results are great, obviously.

YK11 Effects & Side Effects

yk11 side effects and risks

Of course, while YK11 has plenty of upsides, there are negative side effects that come with it too. We’re going to go over the expected effects that a person may encounter when consuming the supplement, as well as what to look for and what could be potentially dangerous or not.

Most of the side effects from SARMs are mitigated or vastly reduced if the dosage and timeframe are observed: remember, some of these supplements do affect your hormones, so you need to pay close attention to the instructions and not overdose. It’s one of the worst things that you can do when taking SARMs.

YK11 – Positive Effects

Weight Gainers

The positive effects that are available to a person from taking Alpha are manyfold. First of all, you’ll find that you put on muscle at a far faster rate than normal. Provided that the level of exercise is correct, and the right amount of nutrients and proteins are available, you’ll see explosive growth in your muscle within the first few weeks of taking the SARM.

Now, these aren’t guaranteed YK11 results. If you’re someone that slacks on your training regimen, or you don’t observe a closely-controlled diet when trying to bulk, you’re going to encounter issues when seeking Alpha results. Most people who take bodybuilding seriously have already learned this, though: so don’t worry about this as a possible issue. We’re just mentioning it for the sake of completeness.

A brief, but detailed list of positive side effects from YK11 can be viewed below:

  • Increased explosive muscle growth
  • Increased strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased bone strength (and assistance in reversing osteoporosis, partially, if only temporarily)
  • Reduced fatigue and tiredness

This isn’t a list of every reported positive side effect from every user of YK11: but most of these are pretty universal, and most people encounter these when using the drug.

YK11 – Negative Effects

yk11 negative usage effects

The same thing goes for YK11: not every negative side effect is commonly observed, but that doesn’t meant that they can’t affect you, so it’s a good idea to be completely aware of every possible side effect that this drug can cause.

We also want to briefly reiterate that many of the negative side effects are from incorrect dosage or dosing too long. SARMs are most commonly taken in cycles: and they are meant to be stopped when the time says so. Don’t try to extend the dosage or make it last longer, even if you have the supplies and SARMs to do so. That kind of over usage of these supplements can be dangerous, so stick to provided dosages and timeframes (in terms of number of weeks in the cycles that you do).

A brief list of negative side effects that YK11 can sometimes cause:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Joint pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Low Energy
  • Stomach Issues
  • Aggression
  • Mood Swings
  • Hair Loss
  • Acne
  • Testosterone Suppression

We also want to remind you that despite that looking like an intimidating list, many of these are side effects that could be found in common cold medicine over the counter in any grocery store. No drug or supplement is perfect, and nearly everything has side effects. Keep that in mind when taking SARMs, or any supplement, and you’ll find yourself much better off for it.

Expected YK11 Results

yk11 results expected

So what kind of results can you expect when taking YK11? Well, that all depends on the kind of dosage you take and what length of cycle that you do when taking YK11. Most SARMs are taken in dosages of between 10-15 ml daily, until your cycle is over or your bottle runs dry: usually, the bottle is designed to last for a single cycle.

SARMs, you’ll find, grant the user great muscle growth, an ability to preserve muscle whether bulking or cutting, and increased strength and endurance, along with stronger bones. Many older people take some kind of SARM to fight against osteoporosis and brittle bones that come about because of ageing.

If you’re trying to bulk, YK11 is one of the best SARMs on the market. People often take YK11 in any cycle length between four to eight weeks, with six weeks being common. It’s not impossible to expect to see between ten to fifteen pounds of pure lean muscle being added on during that time.

You’ll see a rapid increase in muscle definition as well, due to the raw muscle being added, though some other SARMs are better at increasing muscle definition above any other trait. Some SARMs have great fat-burning properties, and while YK11 has a lot of positives, it isn’t the top SARM for that purpose.

If these kinds of YK11 results are the thing that you’re searching for, YK11 is a great SARM for you. Within a little over a month, or just under two, you can have a great permanent addition to your body. Those muscles will stick around as long as you keep exercising and eating the right foods to facilitate that growth.

YK11 – Before and After Pictures & Results

yk11 before and after results

So you might think — “there’s no way. No one would be able to obtain YK11 results like that in so short of a time,” and you’d be even more likely to think that way if you have a lot of experience in body building and you’ve seen what people are able to obtain in certain periods of time.

To show off the kinds of things that YK11 can do, let’s review some before and after pictures and show off the YK11 results that the supplement has for its users.

Results #1

yk11 after 8 weeks

The first example we have here is a clear transformation that took course over the pace of about eight weeks, with an additional four weeks of PCT that occurred afterwards. This bodybuilder took a dosage of about 10mgs daily for the first eight weeks until he finished his YK11 cycle. Afterwards, he then stayed on PCT until he was completely finished.

The result? An amazing transformation that’s clearly far more than most people would be able to obtain in only eight weeks, even if they were experienced trainers.

It just so happens that this man was an experienced trainer, but had quit for some time. YK11 helped him get back on track. In just one eight week cycle of the supplement, the trainer gained 15 lbs of pure muscle and also lost about 7% body fat (probably from a great diet and exercise regimen, from experience in bodybuilding before).

These kinds of YK11 results are definitely within your grasp if you’re looking for a transformation like above. But this isn’t the only transformation that we have to show today.

Results #2

yk11 before and after picture

Here is another insane transformation that was clearly brought on by YK11. Here in this before and after picture we can clearly see a big loss of body fat percentage, with some lean muscle added on as well. The biggest changes are in the pectorals, the abdominals, and in his arms. Gains may have been made in the legs as well, but the image doesn’t quite show it enough clearly.

This man is older, as well, but he still managed to retain great results: he lost almost 5% body fat and gained around ten pounds of muscle in his frame. His abdominals are the source of the greatest change: what was once kind of flabby or flat with no definition became a legitimate six pack. Great results for this guy!

This was with a 5mg daily dosage of YK11 for eight weeks straight. Four weeks of PCT followed afterwards to control his hormones and make sure that no side effects happened.

Finally, we have one more before and after picture to show you.

Results #3

yk11 results ripped

Perhaps the most ridiculous transformation yet, this third image here shows the kind of huge impact that YK11 can have – and SARMs in general – if they are utilised correctly. Before we even get to the stats and the numbers, let’s take a look at the level of changes that this man managed in such a short period of time:

Much better growth and definition in the arms, especially in the forearms and the biceps. His entire pectoral and abdominal area is much better: rocking real pecs and a six pack with a much tighter, leaner cut throughout. There’s even a few good changes noticeable in his shoulders and his neck: he has a bit more broad growth across his shoulders, too, in the second image.

This man took 20 mgs of SARMs a day for the first eight weeks of his cycle, followed by another six weeks of PCT to even out his hormones once the day was completed. He lost around 7% body fat and actually put on almost 17 pounds of muscle. When you see all the total progress he made — it’s insane that he went from having a relatively unimpressive physique to looking like a movie star in just one cycle of YK11.

This supplement can give you INSANE results if used correctly. These before and after pictures, along with access to the stats and information, should be plenty of proof.

What to Do to Get the Best Results from YK11

yk11 best results

With all of that out of the way, let’s give you some final tips about what to do to get the best results from YK11 if you’re interested in using it. It’s a really effective supplement when it comes to being able to give you explosive muscle growth.

It also assists with raw bulking and provides minor benefits when it comes to burning body fat, although as stated previously, it doesn’t quite have the same effect that some other SARMs do on that front.

If you want to use YK11, it’s probably a good idea that you make sure to keep up a really tight, specific diet and exercise regimen.

The supplement can assist the process quite a bit, but you have to be the one to take every step of the journey. You can’t take it any further unless you get in there and do the hard work.

Also, as previously mentioned, please do NOT ignore the recommended dosages and cycle times. It can have bad effects if used improperly or incorrectly. It’s a good idea to take between 5-20 mg, daily, depending on how heavy you want your usage to be.

Most people use it for between 4 to eight weeks. Make certain you observe PCT afterwards, so you don’t experience any issues with your hormones once you’re done getting jacked.

Conclusions on YK11, a Great All-Round Bulking SARM

Steroid Alternatives

YK11 is an absolutely amazing SARM if you want to bulk up, get some lean muscle, and look absolutely shredded and ripped. As long as it’s used correctly, you’ll find that YK11 offers you great benefits and very few downsides or risks. Many people in the fields of athleticism, sports, bodybuilding, and just general gym culture use SARMs like YK11 for better performance.

If you want to look at what other kinds of SARMS we have available at UK SARMs, please click here to view our main shop page, which will direct you to any part of our website.

If you want to contact us with any questions about YK11 or anything else about SARMs in general, please click here to use our contact page. We’ll respond to any question you have and try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy your YK11 and try to get as ripped and bulked as possible! With this kind of supplement, getting absolutely shredded like a god will be more than easy.

Happy bulking!