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What other considerations should I take during PCT?

You’ll probably want to be aware of any medications or medicines you’re taking, and how that could possibly interact with the PCT. You don’t want to stop training during it: you want to keep exercising and dieting while you’re getting your hormones back under control from the SARMs. Other considerations to take during PCT include […]

How long should you stay off steroids after a SARMs cycle?

It’s a hard question when it comes to how long you should stay off steroids after a cycle. The answer depends, and it can be different depending on each person. For most people, they’ll take cycles of steroids that go in between time ranges of six to sixteen weeks, which is a pretty wide range […]

How long do SARMs remain in your system for after PCT?

SARMs stay in the system for as long as you’re taking them, of course. It takes SARMs between 48-72 hours to kick in for most people and once it does, the SARMs stay in effect for the duration of the cycle that you’re on. They’re potent supplements that are designed to be used to help […]

Does Ostarine suppress Testosterone?

Ostarine, also known as MK-2886, is a SARM that offers various benefits to those who consume it, including the SARM standards such as a boost to muscle growth, muscle tissue, bone density and strength, and other benefits. Much like other SARMs, a large dose or a long cycle can cause testosterone suppression. Your bodies become […]

How long should I wait to do SARMs again after PCT?

Once your testosterone has normalised and stabilised, you should be able to take SARMs again. This is a process that takes at least 2-4 weeks, and it’s probably a good idea to give your body a little bit of time to recover from the recovery, so to speak — for the PCT — until it’s […]

Will my testosterone levels return to normal after SARMs?

Your testosterone returning to a normal level after taking SARMs relies on a few different things. Testosterone almost goes into a sort of hibernation or inactive mode in the time period that it takes for your PCT to work its way through your body. Until that’s done, you may continue to experience side-effects from SARMs, […]

How do I increase my testosterone levels?

If you have what’s called testosterone suppression, you may be experiencing a vast number of side-effects from that. Some of those include the following: This is by no means an extensive, definitive list of the side-effects of testosterone, nor is it a list of things that will happen to you if you get testosterone suppression. […]

Do you need a post cycle after taking testosterone?

Almost always, when using any kind of substance like this — especially things like SARMs and other similar supplements – PCT is necessary because the hormone levels have been damaged from the supplement. What was once a massive washing tide of hormones through the body randomly dries up one day, with no explanation why. Tons […]

Should I be training during PCT?

During PCT you’ll still be exercising and dieting. Once SARMs stop, there’s no reason to stop training, or you really will lose most of the gains that you managed to get during your cycle. Your SARMs end, but your training continues, because you don’t want to get a bunch of negative progress and let all […]